Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why I Think “Change” Should be the Name for the Obama’s New Puppy

First, President-Elect Obama promised to bring change to the White House. With a new puppy named "Change" he can deliver on his campaign pledge right away without spending a bundle, especially if his family adopts a puppy from a shelter, in which case its nickname could be “Spare Change.” Spare or otherwise, with "Change" running around in the White House, the pup will always remind the winning Democrat why voters put him there in the first place and that retreating to the old ways of Washington will only come back to bite him. And speaking of biting, when the little yapper gnaws on an electrical cord or some other equally tantalizing, yet taboo item, that'll be a warning for our nation’s new leader not to bite off more than he can chew, or he may be in for a nasty shock. And finally, of course, presidential pups of all breeds are prone to pee everywhere until they are paper-trained and then taken out into the Rose Garden to do their business. This call of nature illustrates one of the most important lessons in government for President Obama, particularly since his astronomically expensive agenda is not filibuster-proof: If you are going to piddle on the Republicans, it’s better not to do it in the House.

Now that is “Change” I can believe in.

Don Gabor