Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Talking Turkey: 10 Ways to Avoid Political Arguments at the Thanksgiving Table

If you're like lots of people these days, you're talking politics. But are you persuading your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors that your favorite candidate is the best choice or are you simply offending -- or even worse -- making political enemies? Here are the biggest "Don'ts" when discussing politics:
1.     Don't lose your temper.
2.     Don’t lose your sense of humor.
3.     Don't make personal comments about people or politicians with whom you disagree.
4.     Don't be disagreeable when you disagree with someone's opinion.
5.     Don't interrupt when someone is making a point.
6.     Don't argue one point to death -- whether you are right or wrong.
7.     Don't expect to get someone to agree with you just because you think you're right.
8.     Don’t assume that you and the other person disagree on all issues.
9.     Don’t pressure the other person to agree with you.
10. Don't continue to talk politics if you or the other person is upset.
Don Gabor is a communications trainer and author of a dozen books and tapes on conversation skills. To receive a free download of his ebook, Plane-Talk: Networking at 30,000 Feet visit his website at