Thursday, February 13, 2014

FREE Ebook! Intimate Conversations: How to Talk to the People You Love -- My February Gift to You


     “Hey, didn’t I see you on the cover of Cosmo?” "Are you a model?" or "Didn't we meet on a (nude) beach?" How many times have you heard (or said) corny opening lines like these? No question about it, they show chutzpa, but do they really impress others?

“Probably not,” says Don Gabor, the author of HOW TO START A CONVERSATION AND MAKE FRIENDS. According to Don, “Studies show that over 70% of face-to-face communication is non-verbal and your body language speaks before you do. So be sure to send the right kinds of silent signals before you open your mouth.”

Here are four easy ways to attract others without words:
1.      Make eye contact – This is usually the first non-verbal signal that shows interest. Hold the person’s gaze for a few extra seconds, but don’t stare.
2.      Give a gentle smile – This is the second non-verbal signal that says you are friendly. No Cheshire cat grins, please!
3.      Keep your arms unfolded – This non-defensive posture shows that you are receptive and open to contact.
4.      Make your approach – Moving within 3 – 5 feet of the other person shows confidence and a desire to make contact.

Then the next steps are to:
·         Break the ice naturally based on your surroundings.
·         Get the other person talking with an easy-to-answer question.
·         Build instant rapport and trust by exchanging background information.
·         Introduce yourself and make a connection by identifying common interests.
What's the trick to attracting people? Don suggests, "Show interest in others in a positive way. People get nervous when they talk to others they find attractive because they think they need to say something clever. The trick is not to try to impress but instead to send verbal and non-verbal messages that say you think the other person is the impressive one. People like and are attracted to others who appear to like them.” 

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