Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Do You Remember the Names of the People You Meet at Networking Events?

5 Seconds to Success: The Art of Remembering Names

"The sweetest sound in any language is a person’s name."
-- Dale Carnegie

9 out of 10 people admit they could use some help remembering people’s names. If you are one of them, the good news is you can master the art of remembering names if you learn a few easy techniques. I’ve taught this method at workshops where people ended up remembering 10, 15, even 20 names -- and the good news is all it takes is five seconds:

00:01 - 00:02 The number one reason people don’t remember names is that they don’t focus on the moment of introduction. When you are being introduced to someone, that person should be the most important person in the room. Don’t let thinking about what you’re going to say next drown out the person you are going to say it to.
00:03 Repeat the person’s name.

  • It shows that you actually heard the person’s name and that makes a person feel good.
  • Repeating the name helps you remember simply through repetition.
  • It confirms that you understood the name correctly.

00:04 Think of somebody you know with the same name. This works 7 out of 10 times because in a room full of people, at least 70% of the names are going to be familiar. It could be a celebrity, a neighbor, member of the family or anyone. For greater success, try to reuse use the same association whenever you meet somebody with a particular name.

00:05  Make an extra effort to focus on the first letter of the person’s name. When meeting several people at once, the first initial is often a good way to hook names together because of the various acronyms and abbreviations in our language. For example, if I meet Dan and Robin, I’ve got D and R. If I simply remember that familiar abbreviation for “doctor,” I will be able to remember Dan and Robin.

Another helpful technique is to make a mental image of the first letter of the person’s name.

Golden Time Remember what Dale Carnegie said and use your new acquaintance's name throughout the conversation - and at the end of the conversation.

Use these tips and you'll see first-hand there is no faster or easier way to make a great first impression than to remember someone’s name. And all it takes is five seconds. 

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